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The Klara Pom-Pom Shoe Jewelz
The Klara Pom-Pom Shoe Jewelz

The Klara Pom-Pom Shoe Jewelz

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Klara Silver
Klara Camo
Klara Shimmer
Eerie Black

Is there anything more luxe than white fur? Yes: White fur bobbles on your shoes. And you can make them yours, here and now. Do it, and make your feet feel as fabulous as they ought to.

    • Available in white fur pom-poms
    • Available in silver, silver stripe or silver camo straps
    • Jewel 5" diameter, 
    • Strap 2"x 9", stretches for a snug fit
    • Shoe Jewelz are sold in pairs
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Add some shimmer to your shoes. SSY’s innovative Shoe Jewelz are unique jewelry pieces designed specifically for footwear. Simply slip the band over any shoe—Shoe Jewelz let you swap styles instantly, creating new combinations for every occasion.

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