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Spidey Shoe Jewelz
Spidey Shoe Jewelz
Spidey Shoe Jewelz
Spider Shoe Embellishment
Spider Shoe Clip
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Spidey Shoe Jewelz

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White Spider
Bronze Spidey



    This piece is certainly statement-making.  Spiders have long been revered as symbols of creativity, and as makers of their own destiny.  Now you can channel this energy by sporting our bejeweled Spidey Shoe Jewelz. And while they’re perfect for everyday wear, we're definitely rocking them during our Halloween adventures! 

    • Weight: 12 grams
    • Measurements: 4" W x 3" H x 1/10 cm D
    • Material: crystals beading
    • Handmade in NYC


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    Add some shimmer to your shoes. SSY’s innovative Shoe Jewelz are unique jewelry pieces designed specifically for footwear. Simply slip the elastic band over any shoe  Shoe Jewelz let you swap styles instantly, creating new combinations for every occasion.

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