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Bold Baubles: Top Picks for Summer ‘18 Jewelry

SSY Designs Admin

Posted on May 18 2018

Bold Baubles: Top Picks for Summer ‘18 Jewelry

Jewelry is traditionally thought of as a collection of classic investment pieces. While it’s lovely to have a collection of timeless accessories, it would be a shame to miss out on the innovative designs walking the runway now for fear of being too “trendy.” 2018 is all about being bold and standing out, and these will breathe new life into your wardrobes. Summer is the perfect time to play around with accessorizing since you’ll have less layers to work with and more skin to show. Here’s some jewelry trends that have caught my eye:  


Awesome Asymmetry
Earrings aren’t always paired with an identical twin this season - you can give one look on your left side and another on your right. You’ll see many that are differing lengths, completely different construction, or in an 80s punk throwback moment, missing a pair altogether.

Mary Katrantzou

Oscar de la Renta


Luxurious Long Earrings
These frame your face in a completely new way and can create the illusion of a longer neck - who wouldn’t love that? Long earrings add bounce to your silhouette and are great for a summery nighttime look.




Extravagant Ear Cuffs
Designers are taking full advantage of your ears’ entire real estate - earrings are snaking up well past their piercings. These are great for those days when you need something to help you feel a little more badass. It’s also exciting for those  who never got around to piercing their ears. After a lifetime without wearing any at all, you can now have the coolest pair of earrings in the room!


Prabal Gurung


Audacious Anklets
Now, before you scoff and shoo me back to the 90s, take a look at how dainty your feet would look with a delicate anklet. Ankles are one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body, but woefully underappreciated. These are a romantic touch that’ll be great on the beach or a date.

Anna Sui

Victoria Beckham


Pretty Pearl Embellishments
Pearls will always be a sophisticated material, but they don’t have to be a stuffy one. This season’s pearls are more fun and playful than your grandma ever got to experience. These pieces are often paired with other precious stones and metals, and are definitely the showstoppers at the cocktail party.

Simone Rocha



Sexy Statement Hoops
The hoop is a classic piece of jewelry, and their simple design is a great template to build off of for these daring looks. They reign supreme in streetwear, but designers have given them a luxury upgrade appropriate for any occasion. This year, no “O” is too big or too loud.

Christopher Kane

Fenty Puma by Rihanna


Which bold baubles are you trying this summer?