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The Scrunchie Come Back

Adela Decaj

Posted on November 27 2018

The Scrunchie Come Back
by Hilary Slevin for SSY Designs

It was polarizing in the 80’s, and it’s polarizing now… but it’s back, and we’re here for it! “It” does not refer to leg warmers or shoulder pads, but to the simple, unabashed scrunchies, great holder of manes and grasper of wrists. Never before has a meagre hair accessory been met with equal parks bafflement and shame, pride and joy. In the 2012 Olympics, the gorgeous ladies of the American gymnastics team sported scrunchies. When asked why these over regular hair ties, one replied, “I don’t know what they make these things out of, but they hold your hair so much better than a regular elastic.” If they’re good enough for an Olympian, they’re certainly good enough for us! Let SSY Designs be your new go-to for this decades-old accessory with a fashionable, modern twist.

Photo: Charity Cardiasmenos
Our scrunchies range from $10 to $40!  

Though le scrunchiè has been around since longer than we’ve been alive (shhhhhh, we can pretend!), it was patented in 1994, and, in our opinion, reached its infamous height in THAT season six episode of Sex and the City when Carrie mocked her then-boyfriend post-it-note Berger for suggesting in his novel that a New York woman would wear a scrunchie in public: “No woman who works at W Magazine and lives on Perry Street would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!” Carrie, we love you, but we’re here to say that you are WRONG! Designer brands such as Balenciaga are bringing scrunchies back but at a high end. Luckily at SSY we are able to offer you luxury items at affordable prices! Whether you’re sporting it to the gym to channel those 2012 gymnasts, or to hold a messy topknot as you angle for that librarian/mathlete glam vibe, the scrunchie is a versatile piece that adapts to both your outfit and your environment.


Especially when compared to the boring hair tie that leaves marks on your wrist, (anyone? Just us? Cool.) scrunchies are fluffy and luxurious. They prevent breakages from forming in your precious locks, and, invoking their magical styling powers, have even been known to add waves. They are practical in that they keep your hair out of your face, but fashionable in their inherent ability to add a pop! of color and texture to any look. Scrunchies add volume and enhance your hair on even its worst of days. Let us show you!

Photo: Charity Cardiasmenos
Our scrunchies range from $17 to $40!


No longer is le scrunchie (giving it one more shot…) only available in faux fabrics that send a shiver down your fashionista spine; SSY Designs has designed these beauties in all of the hottest, best materials, from leather to silk to velvet. Is your 90s soul just itching to get involved? Listen to your psyche and snatch up a few to elevate your hair closet … your eternally-teenage heart is just begging you to!

Photo: Charity Cardiasmenos
Velvet Scrunchie